HIFR Is Recruiting

Summer has gone and the fall training season is upon us. This is the time where we train our new recruits to be firefighters. This is not some backwoods training. we train our firefighters to the industry standard qualifications. If you go through our entire training program you will have the qualifications necessary to get a job at a career department.

Joining the fire department is extremely rewarding. I know I’m not alone in saying that I’ve gotten more out of the department than I’ve put in.

Please call myself (Doug Chinnery 335.3444) or our chief (Giff LaRose 335.1115) if you have any questions. There are applications available at the free post in the Fire Department box, or download one here.

Fall Faire

Ashe Samuel about to ring the bell

The Hornby Island Fall Faire is the favorite island event of many people. We at the fire department feel that way as well. It’s a great time to show off our #1 engine, stir up interest in joining the department, and distribute some smoke detectors.

This year’s faire was even more fun due to Lloyd House’s amazing contribution. Lloyd built a “Test Your Strength” machine, otherwise known as a “high striker” and gave it to us to raise money for our volunteer fund. We offered 3 tries to ring the bell for 1 dollar and raised in the neighborhood of $180!

Lloyd’s high striker was a huge hit with the crowd. Big and small and old and young lined up to smash the machine and at times there were 50 or 60 spectators hooting, hollering, and cheering.

Huge thanks from us to the Fall Faire organizers and especially to Lloyd House for his incredible high striker machine. That kind of community spirit is what makes us live here.