Water Supply

Our Fire Insurance Rating

The rural community of Hornby Island uses water storage containers staged around the island to provide water for firefighting operations.  As of December 2018, Hornby Island Fire Rescue has been formally accredited to deliver alternate water supply for public fire protection via Superior Tanker Shuttle Service by Fire Underwriters Survey.

These letters may be provided for your insurance agent to evaluate any changes to your fire insurance rates.

Our Water Tanks

Our water tanks are functionally maintained year round by the fire department and the ones that are in public view are artistically maintained by the Hornby Island Arts Council.  Various artists around the island present their visions using these tanks as their canvas.

Approximate Volumes are:

Tank Gallons Comments
Carmichael 16,000
Sandpiper 16,000 Central Road
Whaling Station 16,000
Firehall 10,000 Trickle fills from well
Co-op 26,000
Mount Road 26,000
School 10,000 Trickle fills from well
Recycling Depot 6,000 Fills from roof-top rain collection
Joe King Ballpark 6,000 Out of Service
Bond Road 21,350
DePape 20,000
Periwinkle 17,000
Savoie Road 20,000
Brigantine 15,000
Euston Rd 25,000
Strachan Valley Rd 10,000

If you have developed your own private water source that might be used for fire suppression, please feel free to contact the fire department for information concerning access and fittings needed for our apparatus to connect.

6 thoughts on “Water Supply”

  1. I have been waiting for 3 years now to benefit from the great savings in home insurance, that we were promised when the tanks were installed next to our driveway… the rumours of great savings are true… my insurance broker confirmed that with me, but we are still waiting ! Apparently, the procedure is for the Fire Dept to submit proof of installation to the underwriters ..?
    This is what I was told by Giff, at least 3 years ago, and more recently by my insurance company.. Why am I still waiting then? I have lost hundreds of dollars , that could have been saved, if a little follow up paperwork that was promised, was actually done..
    I’d like to know what’s up? Has anyone on the island reaped the financial benefits yet? I appreciate the obvious safety benefits of having great water supply nearby, and I appreciate the hard work and dedication of the firefighters to protect our island… but saving money is always nice too..

    1. As a non-permanent resident yet Hornby Island property owner (that pays taxes just like everyone else) here are my two cents worth : The promise of something happening in the future does not mean you are ‘loosing money’ currently. At some point in time you decided to live on an Island with a certain infrastructure in place. The associated (insurance) rate~costs are part and parcel of that decision. The wheels of bureaucracy move slowly, including in the world of insurance rates and fire prevention designations. It is my understanding the Hornby FD is working hard on gaining accreditation similar to having a hydrant based system, this eventually will result in improved insurance rates. Best route to accomplish this as quickly as possible is to remain supportive of the process and don’t insinuate some kind of lack of action on someone’s part is ‘costing you money’.
      The Hornby Island FD is a great department and provides essential services for in times of need a lot of it on a volunteer basis.

  2. Hello;

    We have recently bought a lot at 4085 Parnell Road. For our insurance, I need to know if there is a hydrant connected to water supply nearby.

    Also, is the entire Fire Department volunteer?



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