Public Documents

Fire Smart Brochure

There are some pretty simple things that you can do to protect your house and property from wildfire. This downloadable booklet will show you how to increase your home’s chances of surviving a wildfire.

COVID Safety Plan

Our COVID-19 safety plan can be found here.

HIRRA Fire Protection Committee Meeting Minutes

Chief’s Annual Report to HIRRA

Every year the chief prepares a “state of the department” report to present at the HIRRA AGM. In this report he itemizes our call outs, reports on the progress of our roster, and tells about what we’ve done over the year to help our community.

Fire Underwriters Survey

Fire Underwriters SurveyTM (FUS) is a national organization that provides data on public fire protection for subscribing insurance companies. Subscribers of Fire Underwriters Survey represent approximately 85 percent of the private sector property and casualty insurers in Canada. In 2009 the FUS did a study of several communities in the CVRD catchment area.  This is their report.

Firefighter Application

If you have an interest in helping the community through the fire department and would like to be considered, please download this PDF document, fill it in and send it to the fire hall. The free post has a Fire Department box in which it could be dropped off, but the amount of personal information in the application suggests you might wish to drop it off directly at the fire hall. The department usually has persons in-house on Tuesdays during the day and Thursday evenings. Please note that the training schedule begins in the fall so application must be processed prior to beginning training. Thank you for your interest.

New Firehall Project

The existing firehall is in great danger of collapsing in a moderate to severe earthquake. Several engineering studies were commissioned to determine the best path to follow to ensure that, in the event of a disaster, the fire department will be able to continue to operate. The following are some of the documents and meeting minutes relating to that project:


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