Our Equipment

Hornby Island Fire Rescue utilized 6 vehicles.  These vehicles are dispatched for emergencies for a wide field of incidents; structure fires, forest fires, motor vehicle incidents, medical calls, search and rescue, high-angle rescue.  The list goes on.  All of our equipment is packaged on these vehicles.  Follow each vehicle #s to see a detailed list of equipment on each of the trucks.

#61 – Engine

Our 1050 gallon primary fire fighting apparatus.  This vehicle is rigged for structural attack while drafting from multiple portable lakes or being nursed from our tenders.

#62 – Tender

This is our first water transport vehicle.  This truck has a built in 420 gpm PTO pump to load the 1500 gallons of water, nurse #61 through 1000′ of 4″ hydrant lay, or dump into a portable lake for #61 to draft from.

#63 – Tender

This is our second water transport vehicle.  This truck moves 2000 gallons using its 800 gpm PTO pump from static water sources to staged portable lakes.

#64 – Support

This truck carries our tools for forestry, high-angle rescue, and motor vehicle incidents.

#65 – Duty Officer 4×4 pickup

This is our fast response vehicle used by our assigned duty officer to head directly to the scene to offer initial size-up, medical assistance, or other community services.

#66 – Medical Transport

This vehicle is used to transport our medical First Responders (lvl 3) to the scene, and if required, transport the patient and crew to the medical clinic, or an arranged location for transfer to BC Ambulance (stationed on Denman Island).