Search and Rescue Operation

Yesterday evening at 8:40PM HIFR was alerted to the possibility that Jordan McKenzie had gone missing. After our duty officer gathered some initial information and alerted the RCMP, we did a general page to activate our members. We sent several crews out to the most likely locations, which were the trails near his home and the coastline near Phipps Point. At about 10:45PM one of our crews found Jordan between Phipps point and Collishaw point. He was deceased.

The RCMP were notified and arrived at approximately 2AM with the coroner. After examining the scene HIFR took Jordan’s body off of the shoreline using our basket stretcher and we ended our involvement at 6AM.

We are extremely saddened at this event. We all knew Jordan and many of us were close friends. Our hearts go out to his family and friends in the community.

For more information you can contact the RCMP or the BC Coroners Service.

2 thoughts on “Search and Rescue Operation”

  1. Thank you for your service. Very saddened at this news.
    It will be a day for us all to share our sorrow and comfort each other.
    To the rescuers, we wish you warmth and rest. Hornby is crying.
    Janet LeBlancq

  2. Jordan was a beautiful human being and a very talented artist. Both he and Emi befriended me and opened their hearts and home to me while I lived on Hornby for a month nearly two years ago.
    Condolences to Emi, who must be suffering immeasurably.

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