Chipping starts November 7th!!

Things to remember:

  • Please align all your branches in one direction with the thick ends all together
  • Nothing thicker than 16 cm (6″)
  • Nothing longer than 32′
  • Have your piles at the end of your driveway by the starting date but please don’t block traffic
  • NO invasive species such as Scotch Broom, English Holly, Knotweed or Hogweed
  • NO lumber or construction waste
  • NO bags of leaves or grass clippings

This is a great program that removes fuel that can feed a wildfire near your house as well as improving the quality of our air by reducing burn piles.

Chipping is back!!!

We are really pleased to be able to confirm that the chipping program is back again this year. This program helps reduce solid fuels around your properties and keeps our air quality higher through the reduction in burning.

We received funding, found a home for our chips and have a service provider to handle the program.

Right now we are looking to have about a week of chipping starting in early November. As with previous years, your branches and brush will get put out on the road side, neatly arranged and pointing in one direction.

Keep your eyes on this space for further timing and instructions on what can go in your piles.

A late September reprieve

Over the last couple of days the fire danger rating has decreased to the point where high risk activities are now allowed again. However a total fire ban remains in effect until we have a little more forgiving weather.

If you do start using your chainsaw, please use extra caution and consider having a bucket of water or a spray can on hand while you work.

Holiday Fire Safety

Happy Holidays everyone. A gentle reminder that once you have had your visits from Santa and given your loved ones some gifts; please do not burn your wrapping paper in your wood stove or fireplace.

Wrapping paper burns hot and the inks create extra particulate. We have had more than one post Christmas call for a chimney fire started by the burning of wrapping paper!

Have the best pandemic holiday possible this year and here’s hoping for a more normal 2021.

Fireworks cancellation

We are sad to announce that the fun and festive fireworks show that we have all come to enjoy at Halloween will not be happening this year.

As a department, we had a lengthy discussion about how we could continue the tradition in a safe manner that respected the COVID protocols laid out by the amazing Dr. Bonnie.

We realized that we didn’t have enough control over the event to ensure widespread safety, and we also want to be leaders in setting an example of respecting the appropriate distancing and crowd sizes.

We appreciate your understanding, and like you we look forward to a safer future and the resumption of “normal” times.

We love the Co-op!!

As many of you know from seeing us around the island every Thursday night, we practice. Rain or shine, (okay we did take one snow day this year) we are out at various places on Hornby to try and refine our skills as firefighters.

After practice we do a debriefing to discuss what went right, where we can improve, and how to best do our jobs.

A perk after the hard work is “after practice snacks”. It’s at this time that we can do a little socializing and have some yummy treats to recharge our energy levels.

Over the last while, we have been lucky enough to have a generous patron in the Co-op. They have set up a system to give us a little help with the supplies that we buy to make the treats and beverages that we consume at the end of the night.

So a big thanks to the Co-op and all the amazing staff there from all of us at Hornby Island Fire Rescue. It’s so great to have the support of our community and the Co-op.

Santa says

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all. As we enjoy our day of gift giving Santa wants to remind all the kiddies to please not burn your wrapping paper in your fireplaces or wood stoves. Wrapping paper is full of coatings and chemicals and can make your house more prone to a chimney fire. Be fire smart and keep your chimney clean, your smoke detector full of fresh batteries and a cup of water next to your wood stove in case you do get a chimney fire. Toss in the single cup and close the door but only if it’s safe to do so.

Please also remember that if you do have a chimney fire dial 911 and let us deal with it.

Have a safe and happy holiday from all the members of HIFR!