Yes, we are chipping!

For all those who have asked, and those who want to ask….YES…we are chipping yard waste again this year.

The current target date for the start of chipping is December 4th. The program remains the same. Please place the branches aligned in one direction, nothing larger than 10 cm at the base, no invasive species, no leaf piles, and no construction debris. Your piles should be at the edge of the road and not interfere with traffic.

If you have any questions, please contact the firehall (250.335.2611) and we will be glad to help.

Campfires Only

With the hot dry weather coming this weekend, we have made he decision to shut down back yard burns as of this weekend. If you have an existing permit please consider that it is over as of Saturday. If we get a reprieve in the weather we may well allow burning again, but with a wildfire already going on Vancouver Island the prudent thing to do is to minimize risk.

Chipping starts November 7th!!

Things to remember:

  • Please align all your branches in one direction with the thick ends all together
  • Nothing thicker than 16 cm (6″)
  • Nothing longer than 32′
  • Have your piles at the end of your driveway by the starting date but please don’t block traffic
  • NO invasive species such as Scotch Broom, English Holly, Knotweed or Hogweed
  • NO lumber or construction waste
  • NO bags of leaves or grass clippings

This is a great program that removes fuel that can feed a wildfire near your house as well as improving the quality of our air by reducing burn piles.

Chipping is back!!!

We are really pleased to be able to confirm that the chipping program is back again this year. This program helps reduce solid fuels around your properties and keeps our air quality higher through the reduction in burning.

We received funding, found a home for our chips and have a service provider to handle the program.

Right now we are looking to have about a week of chipping starting in early November. As with previous years, your branches and brush will get put out on the road side, neatly arranged and pointing in one direction.

Keep your eyes on this space for further timing and instructions on what can go in your piles.

A late September reprieve

Over the last couple of days the fire danger rating has decreased to the point where high risk activities are now allowed again. However a total fire ban remains in effect until we have a little more forgiving weather.

If you do start using your chainsaw, please use extra caution and consider having a bucket of water or a spray can on hand while you work.