Yes, we are chipping!

For all those who have asked, and those who want to ask….YES…we are chipping yard waste again this year.

The current target date for the start of chipping is December 4th. The program remains the same. Please place the branches aligned in one direction, nothing larger than 10 cm at the base, no invasive species, no leaf piles, and no construction debris. Your piles should be at the edge of the road and not interfere with traffic.

If you have any questions, please contact the firehall (250.335.2611) and we will be glad to help.

2 thoughts on “Yes, we are chipping!”

  1. Not sure if the chipping people are still around. Should we be concerned or are they still on their way?


  2. 14 December 2023. I am a non-resident Hornby property owner. This asks Hornby Island Fire Dept to notify owners well in advance of any proposed 2024 chipping program. I suggest asking HIRRA to include such a notice in their meeting minutes, which will be read by most owners. I didn’t know about your 2023 program until I saw piles on the road shoulders. Thanks for your consideration.

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