SCBA Evaluation

Our current airpacks or “Self Contained Breathing Apparatus” (SCBA) are almost 20 years old. They get used at almost every practice and at every fire scene and are showing their age. The maintenance required to keep them in service is becoming so expensive and time consuming that we’re looking at replacing them.

We brought in 4 different setups from the big 3 manufacturers: Scott, MSA, and Draeger. Using a 10 page evaluation form, 3 of our firefighters ran the air packs through their paces.

Every aspect of the packs were evaluated: Comfort, weight, ease of donning, changing the air tank, and durability of materials are only a few of the capabilities that we looked at.  The results have tabulated and we are now in talks with the CVRD to move forward to the next step.

One thought on “SCBA Evaluation”

  1. Greetings. I am looking for SCBA Evaluation forms. My department (East Chicago, Indiana) is looking to purchase new SCBA. I am looking to compare evaluation lists, use or merge the best from what I receive. I would be very interested is having a blank copy of your departments.

    I appreciate your consideration, and if there are any questions, please call me at 219 746 1852

    Nick Dvorscak
    Asst. Chief ECFD

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