Heavy Vehicle Incident

This morning a concrete mixer ended up on its side on Central Road. The incident happened when the driver moved the truck to the right of the road, concerned about oncoming traffic. The very soft shoulder grabbed his tire, sloughed away and put him into a deep ditch. No injuries were reported.

Two minor oil leaks into the ditch were mitigated by fire crews and no environmental damage occurred. Company representatives were on scene within an hour to organize a vehicle extraction operation, including an environmental hazard response team on scene. Our appreciation goes out to the ready-mix company for their incredibly quick, environmentally responsible, and compassionate response.

To anyone held up by the road closure, thanks for your patience.


One of my favourite parts of this job is advancing rookies up to the rank of firefighter. That event usually follows two years of training, six hours of practical exams, and a two-hour written test. The practical exam covers portable pump operations and troubleshooting, deploying attack lines, putting equipment back in service, ropes, knots, hoisting, ladders, and many other skills.

I’m pleased to announce that Innes Hood, Alex Ortwein, and Ian Graboski have been promoted to “firefighter”. Their commitment to our team and our island community is inspiring.

Fire Danger Hazard EXTREME

We have just moved the fire danger hazard to “extreme”. With three days of extreme fire hazard conditions comes the restrictions on high-risk activities. We are anticipating that at noon on Tues, July 13 the following activities will be restricted or banned.

  1. mechanical brushing;
  2. disk trenching;
  3. preparation or use of explosives;
  4. using fire- or spark-producing tools, including cutting tools;
  5. using or preparing fireworks or pyrotechnics;
  6. grinding, including rail grinding;
  7. mechanical land clearing;
  8. clearing and maintaining rights of way, including grass mowing;
  9. any of the following activities carried out in a cutblock excluding a road, landing, roadside work area or log sort area in the cutblock:
    1. operating a power saw;
    2. mechanical tree felling, woody debris piling or tree processing, including de-limbing;
    3. welding;
    4. portable wood chipping, milling, processing or manufacturing;
    5. skidding logs or log forwarding unless it is improbable that the skidding or forwarding will result in the equipment contacting rock;
    6. yarding logs using cable systems;

Click here for more detailed information on these restrictions.

Between now and July 13 when the ban comes into effect, a person must cease the activity between 1PM and sunset each day and maintain a fire watcher after work for a minimum of 2 hours.