Chimney Fires

Today was the second time we’ve been called out in a span of two months for a chimney fires. Fortunately, in both of these incidents, the fire did not escape the chimney and there was no damage to the houses. In both cases, the fires occurred at the bends of the chimney. These are vulnerable points because that is where the creosote builds up.

If you have a chimney that has an offset, or bend to get into the wall, like one of the photos below, it will require more frequent cleaning. Sometimes it’s as easy as taking out the screws holding the pipes together, taking the pieces apart and removing the “gunk” with a stiff bristle brush,

A bend to get into the chimney behind the wall
Offset to align wood stove with chimney above.

A straight chimney is the ideal situation because it’s easier to clean, has a better draft, and is less likely to build up creosote. In those cases where a straight chimney isn’t an option, frequent cleanings will help prevent a potentially catastrophic fire.

If you do have a chimney fire call 911. If it is safe to do so, open the stove, throw 1 cup of water into the stove, close the door, and close the damper. Then leave the house and wait for the fire department to come.

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