A Reminder About Military Location Markers

Military Location Marker MLM

A resident recently found one of these Military Location Markers or MLM on the beach just north of Phipps Point.

Fully charged or discharged, these devices can be extremely dangerous. They contain a phosphorous powder which is highly flammable and burns extremely hot. Occasionally a small amount of powder is left in them and could cause a serious injury if spilled on skin.

The folks at CFB Comox take a washed-up MLM very seriously and usually show up within 24 hours to pick it up. If you find one of these devices please do one of the following:

  • call the Duty Desk at CFB Comox at 1-866-488-0889 and tell them the location of the MLM
  • call 911, ask for fire, and request a “duty officer” call to retrieve an MLM

2 thoughts on “A Reminder About Military Location Markers”

  1. Hello.
    I was on Hornby when the California wildfires were raging there and suffucating us up here.
    Now several weeks later on Hornby Islanders and campers are burning like madpeople and the
    quality of the air is probably at the same level as when California was smoking us out!

    Does this go on all fall and winter,

    1. Hi Giuseppe

      If you are experiencing poor air quality due to backyard burning, please call the firehall at 335.2611. Burning is only allowed when the venting index enables the smoke to mix at a higher level.

      You may be interested to hear that we are working on a chipping program that will, hopefully, reduce the spring and fall smoke release.

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