Wood Stove Inspections

As many of you know, getting a WETT certified inspector over to the island can be an expensive proposition. We at HIFR have looked into getting one of our members certified but the cost is huge, the liability insurance is out of this world,  and the certification process is unworkable for us on a remote island.

It’s short notice, but on June 1st Comox Fire and Patio is sending someone over to do an inspection. Chances are good that if he can do several inspections while he’s here, the cost per inspection will be reduced significantly. If you’d like to get in on the inspections on June 1, I suggest calling Comox Fire and Patio at (250)338-8522.

2 thoughts on “Wood Stove Inspections”

    1. Hi Susan.

      I’m not aware of any plans, but you could call Comox Fireplace and Patio, Dan Leahy, or Bennet Sheet Metal. They all come over fairly often.

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