One of my favourite parts of this job is advancing rookies up to the rank of firefighter. That event usually follows two years of training, six hours of practical exams, and a two-hour written test. The practical exam covers portable pump operations and troubleshooting, deploying attack lines, putting equipment back in service, ropes, knots, hoisting, ladders, and many other skills.

I’m pleased to announce that Innes Hood, Alex Ortwein, and Ian Graboski have been promoted to “firefighter”. Their commitment to our team and our island community is inspiring.

One thought on “Promotions”

  1. Congratulations and a world of gratitude for the commitment, hard work, and passion I know that you – Innes Hood, Alex Ortwein, and Ian Graboski – have applied to this time in your lives, in our lives…for this community and wherever you chose to go this training will be of help and inspiration. Without knowing you, with great respect and thanks.

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