Orlando Graham’s Poster

I remembered a wildfire prevention poster contest we had in the school in 2006 for the Grade 3-5 class. The students were asked to draw a poster of what they thought would be a clear and simple message to warn of the dangers of wildfire. The winner of the contest would have their design made into posters, which would be used in a campaign to increase public awareness on the Island and on the Mt. Geoffrey trail system.

Orlando’s design was clearly the best we received (as voted by the firefighters). He had captured the
essence of the impact of wildfires on the forest and the creatures that live there. As modest as ever, Orlando didn’t sign his art and by the time I had all the copies made and laminated and magnetic signs made, it was too late to get his signature on them. You will still see them around; stapled to the trees at trail entrances and on the sides of our department vehicles.

I will have new copies made and posted to once again remind everyone of the impact our actions can have on our forests and wildlife.

Giff La Rose, Fire Chief

One thought on “Orlando Graham’s Poster”

  1. please note the fried chicken that lies on the ground under the blackened tree–orlando drew it very carefully

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