People We Love

Sure, friends and family are a given but something happened today to make me think of some of the other people who are great supporters of HIFR.

Leslee Richards, the proprietor of Pizza Galour, stopped me at the Co-op to tell me that she had a box of pizza slices in her freezer for the fire department. I stopped by to pick it up and there must have been 10 pizzas worth of slices in the box. Thank you so much, Leslee, for that great donation. There are few things that the crew enjoys more after practice than a slice or two of your pizza.

Along those lines, Helene Cregheur, the proprietor of the Cardboard House bakery often has a box of sweets for us to be consumed after practice or callouts. Her cream cheese brownies are my personal favourite and there is never anything left but crumbs when we put them out.

Graham and Gloria Herbert almost always drop off a bag of gourmet cookies when they come back from a town day, and Elenora Laffin rarely sends Julian to practice without baking something for the crew. Honeybee Smith shows up every so often with one of her fabulous lemon pies, as well.

Being a part of the fire department is a huge commitment that comes with the stress of responsibility and many hours spent away from work or family. Often the thought of a Thursday night practice after a long day of work is almost unbearable, but the knowledge that we have the support of the community is very motivating.

Thank you to all those that I’ve mentioned above and anyone else that has dropped off food or given us an encouraging word. You are why we do what we do.

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